Our unique Think Yourself Slim programme (as featured in the Norwich Evening News, January and June 2009) has been developed over the past ten years of our practical experience helping people JUST LIKE YOU. 100s of our private clients have lost weight with our programme which combines practical techniques and hypnotherapy.

We believe we have a unique and winning formula!

Now, we are happy to make this unique and groundbreaking programme available TO YOU whether as part of a small, friendly group or as a private client. So come and join us!

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E-Book Think Yourself Slim now released!

I’m delighted to say that, after months of work and editing, the new e-book “Think Yourself Slim” is now available internationally through Amazon.com/co.uk. To order it simply go to www.amazon.com or amazon.co.uk and search for "Think Yourself Slim" by David Wade.  The book is available for all e-book devices, including the I-phone etc, and is also downloadable to read on your PC/print out if you do not have an e-reading device. 

Some feedback from a few clients:

“I lost 8lbs in three weeks, I feel great, eat better than I ever have and never have cravings – it’s changed my life and I’ll miss my sessions with you.” Pat, Ipswich

“I’ve lost 10lbs in three weeks and even my husband and children enjoy our new way of eating – and most important nowadays, it doesn’t cost anymore in our food shopping.” Natalie, Norwich

I’ve lost 4lbs since my first session. As a long distance lorry-driver, normally on a Sunday afternoon, I used to make enough sandwiches to last for two days – and finish them all by the Sunday evening! What’s more, when I went into the supermarket I simply didn’t want any of the unhealthy foods I usually buy – it was easy! (Mike, Diss) 

What is Think Yourself Slim?

The Think Yourself Slim programme is different
The Think Yourself Slim programme is different from any “diets” or psychological therapies.

On the one hand, diets (some of which you have almost certainly tried) simply address what and/or how much is eaten - but do not work with the client’s mind. So, inevitably, they are doomed to long term failure in the vast majority of cases: the same weight and often more goes back on – leading to the phrase yo-yo dieting. This can often lead to feelings of failure and to low self-esteem.

On the other hand the vast majority of psychological-only methods work only with the mind and not the body. In other words, in our view, if the physical urges in your body want to eat, in the long-term no amount of solely psychological persuasion or suggestion can prevent it - the body will always win.

So, put simply, with either method the mind and body are in continuous conflict with each other. It is like having two “armies” inside yourself, fighting, both unable to win and cancelling each other out. This, of course, can lead, sadly and inevitably, to long-term failure in the majority of cases.

The Think Yourself Slim programme works with both your mind and body simultaneously.

This means that they are working with you as a whole being (holistically) to achieve your goal. So, put simply, rather than having two internal armies in continuous, self-defeating conflict, you will have the amazing strength and power of having two “armies” within you fighting for you to beat the “fat-enemy”. This gives you an easy “victory” over fat. What’s more, your success builds with each session, and we all know that, when you are feeling successful, it has a “snowball” effect – leading to increased motivation, sense of wellbeing, happiness and achievement – and obviously to weight-loss.

So, in practical terms, how can Think Yourself Slim help me lose weight?
Think Yourself Slim is designed to be a unique programme that gives you many, many “tools” to make the necessary changes in your behaviour and in making essential “lifestyle” changes which will help you to sustain a new, healthy and enjoyable way of life that can help you lose weight and to give you the knowledge how to maintain that weight-loss for the rest of your life.

It’s why we call it “The Smarter Way to weight-loss”.

We believe that you need to learn a new and, most importantly, an enjoyable way of life and approach to eating.

Whilst, with “diets”, you can make temporary changes and experience hunger cravings and lots of rules on how and what you eat – it’s likely that your diet will fail; even if you do achieve the desired weight-loss, can you really maintain a restrictive regime for the rest of your life? … and would you really want to?

Think Yourself Slim is a practical way of losing weight “comfortably” and happily and maintaining the achieved weight-loss afterwards.

Ask yourself, who on earth, in reality, even after success on a typical diet, can or would even want to live a life of calorie-counting, food cravings, restricting what they eat, or feeling guilty for having fallen off the “diet”? Who can enjoy a “yo-yo” life on the dieting “merry-go-round” (a contradiction in terms to say the least!) between dieting on a regime or maybe eating special (and usually expensive) soups, drinks, foods etc, and then going back to the old behaviours and habits that put the weight on in the first place?

The answer is, of course, nobody would!

Think Yourself Slim is a totally new approach to get off the “dieting merry-go-around” and to enjoy a truly merry life in control of, and in tune with, your own body. With the knowledge you will learn on Think Yourself Slim terms like “willpower”, cravings, become obsolete – once you know what to do you can enjoy the process and the results.

The core philosophy of Think Yourself Slim is that, to make any longterm lifestyle change, it is essential that it is enjoyable.

I know that all of my private clients were sick of the “yo-yo dieting” way of life with some maybe “yo-yoing” for years, and even decades – and tired of being miserable about it for years. In Think Yourself Slim they discovered a new and enjoyable way to lose weight and keep it off and a new lifestyle.

A few things you will learn on the programme (amongst many others) are:

* Why traditional “dieting” helps your body store more fat and is doomed to long-term failure
* Learn to control your internal “Saboteurs” which will do their utmost to stop you achieving your goal or stop you even from starting to try in the first place. (If you’ve ever thought about dieting but not done it, or started only to give up soon afterwards, one of these “saboteurs” was responsible).
* How to eat less and feel full, but still eat all of the healthy nutrients your body needs.
* Learn how your subconscious mind works, mistakenly, to keep excess weight on – and techniques to overcome it and work with it easily.
* Eliminating food cravings and overcome them easily if they should occur (if you follow the Think Yourself Slim programme properly any cravings should drop away completely).
* Body awareness. A baby stops eating when it is full. Why can we continue eating and eating to excess? - Because our minds have lost the ability to “listen” to our bodies. You will learn easy, and fun techniques to “tune you into your body” - so that you won’t have to resist eating too much food – you will simply not want it!
* How to be confident and assertive about losing weight and changing your lifestyle.
* Easy ways to gradually incorporate a little more exercise into your life (only if you want to) and to enjoy it!
* Cut out “emotional” eating.
* Be confident and proud of the new slim you.
* Maintain your weight-loss permanently.

The Think Yourself Slim programme is also different because:

• no joining/registration fees
• no expensive, short-term foods, soups or drinks to buy
• no yo-yo dieting
• no hidden extras to purchase
• forget food cravings and binges
• no calorie/points counting
• achieve your goal easily, enjoyably and confidently
• friendly, supportive sessions
• suitable for diabetics
• ongoing (optional) support sessions after your initial programme is finished
• make new friends on the group programme

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